Bobbi Jo Krals-Hart is an award winning director, producer, writer and researcher who has been part of the Adobe team for many years. She also runs Esperanto Productions Inc.

    Bobbi Jo directed her first film A CALLING TO CARE (1997) about nurses working in Pakistan. She also produced and directed SHRINKAGE (2001), a documentary about a mother living with manic depression, who looks to comedy as an antidote.

    Her next award-winning film, SHE GOT GAME: Behind the Scenes of the Women’s Tennis Tour, received many awards and toured worldwide film festivals like IDFA, Silverdocs and AFI before airing on LIFE, Radio Canada, SCN, NHK, Starz and other worldwide television networks.

    Shot over eight years, Bobbi Jo’s current feature documentary I AM NOT A ROCK STAR (Le reve de Marika), follows the coming-of-age of prodigal pianist Marika Bournaki, from age 12-20, who has dedicated her life to becoming a world-class concert pianist since the age of five.

    The film makes its world premiere in 2012 at the International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal. It is also an Official Selection at the 2012 Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece. The film will tour festivals and be released theatrically before airing on ARTV, Documentary Channel, Knowledge Network and IChannel.

    Bobbi Jo is also an experienced photographer as well.